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Larson FX Boats Lineup

FX dual console boats put versatility front and center. Navigate a variety of waters, fish for multiple species and switch up your activities on the fly.

Behind it all is reliability, long-lasting craftsmanship and all-day comfort. 

1750 Dual Console
À partir de 47 819 $ PDSF (CA)


The 1750 Dual Console boasts seating for 6 and the same storage capacity as a 20-foot boat, including standard bow tie-down storage. So go ahead and invite along family and friends for a day on the water.

1850 Dual Console
À partir de 58 700 $ PDSF (CA)


The 1850 Dual Console is as capable as they come. Deep chines and long strakes provide a stable ride while on plane, and a large forward keel allows for controlled backtrolling.

2020 Dual Console
À partir de 73 610 $ PDSF (CA)


Tournament anglers and professional guides are immediately drawn to this console boat’s style, design and fishability. The 2020 DC has the utmost in smart storage and serious capacity.

FX tillers handle all waters thanks to confident performance and wide-open layouts with comfortable seating. They also get after all species—from musky to walleye to pike and more.

1750 Tiller
À partir de 44 326 $ PDSF (CA)


An open floorplan and large captain's chair bring comfort and ease onboard, and a huge combo livewell/baitwell facilitates a long day on the water and all your catches.

1850 Tiller
À partir de 50 103 $ PDSF (CA)


The massive forward bow casting platform and large aft casting platform on the 1850 Tiller put anglers in the best position for reeling in big ones, and standard bow and gunnel rod tie-down storage keep rods at the ready.

2020 Tiller
À partir de 61 386 $ PDSF (CA)


Built for passionate anglers who think big: Big fish. Big water. Big adventure. 2020 TL’s deep, wide hull can handle giant rollers, yet drafts nicely for prowling shallow bays.