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Our Heritage Is Fishing

Learn more about how Larson FX wins on the water

Advantage Fiberglass

Fiberglass hulls beat aluminum hulls in every way. On the water aluminum can suffer from tin slap, a cold feel, and rivets that risk leaking. Meanwhile, fiberglass allows for a smoother, better ride, giving you more control and a sleeker look. At Larson FX, we use the highest quality materials to empower you and your family to have an amazing day on the water.

Benefits of Fiberglass
Larson FX Performance
A Dryer, More Comfortable Ride

The FX fiberglass hull beats aluminum hulls, which suffer from tin slap, a cold feel and rivets that risk leaking. FX's reverse chines and flared sides also keep waves and spray down.

Larson FX Performance
Finer Fit, Finish & Function

FX fiberglass fishing boats are polished perfection, as opposed to aluminum hulls that get drilled, riveted and welded—all potiential stress points for leakage.

Larson FX Performance
A More Fishable Layout

FX fiberglass boats feature more fishing-friendly layouts than aluminum. Plus, FX infuses 4-pound flotation foam vs. the 2-pound foam that some aluminum builders use.

Larson FX Performance
Better Boat Control

With FX's exact, computer-designed keels and strakes, you'll enjoy superior boat control vs aluminum. And better control equals more time in the fish "strike zone."

FX Construction
Quiet, Smooth, Comfortable, Ride

When it comes to finding the best family boat, performance, comfort and safety are everything. Time-testing craftsmanship and boater-approved amenities on every Larson FX model will make your next adventure on the water one for the record books, no matter your activity, skill level or preferred body of water.

Larson FX Performance
Hull Design

Our hulls have a 21-degree deadrise, which is among the steepest in the industry, allowing for a smooth ride in even the roughest water. On top of that, wide reverse chines make for quick planning, minimal bow rise and a dry ride.

Larson FX Performance
Quality Comfort

A flip-up bolster and extra-plush cushioning make long days on the water as relaxing as they are thrilling.

Larson FX Performance
Deck Build

FX decks are spacious, strong and capable, giving you the confidence to spend more time making memories.

Larson FX Performance
Windshield Design

The curved windshield on Larson FX offers seamless views of the water. Plus, the expansive dash offers more room for flush mounting electronics.

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